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Deca Durabolin - Holland

Steroid cycle: Bulking cycle
Steroid Profile: Nandrolone decanoate
Quantity: 200 mg/amp.

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Quick Overview

Deca Durabolin from Holland on stock and ready for sale! Deca Durabolin injection for sale from 5.95€. Buy Deca Durabolin today and get free shipping.


Deca durabolin from Holland is one of the most favorite injectable steroid in our shop. People often called it just Deca. Bodybuilders love it thanks to its active substance, nandrolone decanoate, whose unique features lead to the fact, that Deca durabolin can be used in the contest preparation and in bulking cycles, as well. In medicine, Deca durabolin is used for treating infections, burns and osteoporosis or breast cancer.

Under the condition, that the bodybuilder has a higher intake of proteins, Deca durabolin guarantees to him growth of big muscles and gain of perfect strength. It also prevents his joins from pain and affects positively his immune system.

For the purpose of the gain on strength, Deca durabolin is often stacked with fluoxymesterone, trenbolone or stanazolol. If you prefer the growth of muscles, a combination with methandienone, methenolone or testosterone is the best variant.

Men usually take 300 to 600 mg of Deca durabolin in one week. The dose is divided in two parts. The maximal possible amount for women is 50 mg per week. Because of its slow mechanism of action, Deca durabolin has to be taken in longer cycles. They usually last from 8 to 12 weeks.

The use of Deca durabolin is quite often connected with nose bleeding. Acne or loss of hair can occur, as well, but usually only when the recommended maximal used amount is exceeded. Testosterone has to be taken together with Deca, because the product has very negative effects on the endogenous production of the male hormone.

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