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How to order


  • 1) Create and use SECURE EMAIL provider (Not Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Privacy Harbor or Hushmail) Good solution is Securenym or Safe-mail.

  • 2) Put only your order number as the subject of each mail. Do NOT put anything evident to Subject line of email. Subject lines are not encrypted and can be easily tracked by 3rd side.

  • 3) Delete received emails once read and set your email client to not save sent messages.

  • 4) Emails are deleted continually, so when mailing us, you can be sure we don’t remember our last communication.

  • 5) All emails are responded within 1 working day. Saturday and Sunday are not working days.

  • 6) Check your SPAM folder before you start to sink into panic mode. Most of our emails come to SPAM folders.

  • 7) Advices about use and application are not provided. Check out Wikisteroids and other sources. It is up to you to educate.

  • 8) Read twice all information before contacting us.


  • 1) You should be at least 21 years old to order on our website.

  • 2) No minimal order, No maximal order.

  • 3) Do not ask for wholesale prices if you did not make test order before.

  • 4) Do not order if you cannot pay within 24 hours.

  • 5) Orders should be made only through the website. Email orders are not accepted.

  • 6) You will receive order confirmation and payment instruction immediately after you complete the order.

  • 7) The order is dispatched after receiving of payment

  • 8) Any payments which do not arrive complete will result in some products being taken out of your order.

  • 9) Once the order is dispatched you will receive shipping confirmation and tracking code. Delivery times vary from country to country (Read more about shipping)

Products, customs and guarantee

  • 1) All products are original

  • 2) There are no products other than those that you can see on the website.

  • 3) Order in smaller quantities and more often than big orders.  That minimizes the risk.

  • 4) No refunds of seized, lost or damaged orders.

  • 5) The second delivery attempt only at your request and to other address (Scan of valid letter of customs seizure is needed)