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Steroid cycle: Bulking cycle
Steroid Profile: Testosterone undecanoate
Manufacturer: BAYER
Country: Germany
Quantity: 1000 mg/amp.

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Nebido Bayer on stock! Nebido from Bayer Schering available for sale now from €79.95! Buy Nebido injection online from your home and get shipping for free!


Nebido is a widely used orally-taken anabolic-androgenic steroid. It is very popular in bodybuilding thanks to the useful properties of its active substance, testosterone undecanoate. It guarantees growth of big muscles, is thus used during bulking cycles. For medical purposes, Nebido is used in the treatment of spermatogenesion disorders and male hypogonadism.

Nebido is resorbed by the lymphatic system directly form intestine, it does not at all go through liver. This mechanism of action increases the efficiency of the product and is the reason for the popularity of Nebido during bulking cycles. Its negative effects on the natural production of testosterone are very low and also its tendency to cause Gynecomastia is not very dangerous.

Bodybuilders usually stack Nebido with products containing stanozolol, oxandrolone or nandrolone to maximize its effects.

A usual daily dose for men is in the range from 120 to 180 mg. It is taken in three parts right after meal, if possible. Women should not use Nebido in order to prevent the risk of Gynecomastia.

Loss of hair, acne or increased aggression may be the side effects of Nebido. Generally, the product is well responded in the body.

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