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Primobolan Tablets

Steroid cycle: Bulking cycle
Steroid Profile: Methenolone acetate
Manufacturer: GENESIS
Country: Singapore
Quantity: 25 mg/tab. (50 tab.)

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Quick Overview

Primobolan tablets manufactured by Genesis Pharma. Primobolan tablets contain 25mg of Methenolone Acetate. Buy Primobolan tablets discreetly from your home


Primobolan Tablets is a widely used orally-taken anabolic-androgenic steroid in the area of bodybuilding. It is so popular for the unique properties of its active substance, methenolone acetate, which can provide growth of quality muscles, but makes Primobolan tablets one of the safest steroids, simultaneously.

Primobolan is used above all by the users, who do not need the effects of the use to be seen immediately, because the product has relatively long period of action. But the gained mass is of extremely high quality and it does not disappear when the cycle is ended.

For the best results, Primobolan in form of tablets is often stacked with products containing steroids with higher androgenic activity, for example methenolone enanthate, stanozolol or trenbolone.

Men usually use 200 mg of Primobolan tablets in one week, women take 100 mg weekly. You can use Primobolan tablets in longer cycles, as well, because it is normally mild to the body.

Serious side effects are very rare by the use of Primobolan tablets. For this reason, it is often used by the steroid beginners, whose body does not have experience with such products. In some cases, Primobolan may lead to the loss of hair or to acne.

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