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Sibutramine Tablets

Steroid cycle: Fat burning cycle
Steroid Profile: Sibutramine
Manufacturer: GENESIS
Country: Singapore
Quantity: 20 mg/tab. (100 tab.)

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Quick Overview

Sibutramine is popular agent for weight loss and fat burning. Sibutramine creates feeling of fullness in body. Buy sibutramine now and get free shipping!


Sibutramine Tablets is one of the most popular orally-taken agents meant on the reduction of body weight. For this reason, it is used in both bodybuilding and medicine. In the body it creates the feeling of fullness. In result, the body does not want to consume new calories.

Sibutramine acts as a inhibitor of neurotransmitters in brain, directly in the area, where the feeling of hunger and fullness is regulated. The product is able to lead to the loss of user’s weight by 10 – 15 % of the previous level. It has positive effects on the level of blood fats, cholesterol, for example. During the intake of Sibutramine, the user is usually on low caloric diet. The maximal daily dose of Sibutramine is 10 mg.

The use of Sibutramine may cause troubles with kidneys or digestion problems. It is a very dangerous product for people with heart problems, because it may lead to irregular heart beat and high blood pressure, which can cause heart attack in extreme cases. Amongst the common side effects of Sibutramine is headache, nausea, constipation or sleeping disorders.

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