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Sildenafil LA®

Steroid cycle:
Steroid Profile: Sildenafil citrate
Manufacturer: LA PHARMA
Country: Thailand
Quantity: 100 mg/tab. (10 tab.)

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Quick Overview

Sildenafil Citrate or just Sildenafil is effective help for fast erection! We have Sildenafil on stock and ready for sale from €3.99! Buy Sildenafil online


Sildenafil LA belongs to the most popular orally-taken performance-enhancing effects. It is widely used amongst both bodybuilders and athletes, who appreciate the useful mechanism of action of sildenafil citrate, its active substance. It has one unique feature – it can facilitate the blood flow in vessels. Sildenafil has a use in medicine, as well – for the treatment of impotence and erection.

The blood flow is facilitated by the action of Sildenafil directly in muscles, where it „opens the vessels“. Simultaneously, it makes the blood pressure lower and contributes to the better performance of the body. A normal dose of sildenafil is between 25 and 100 mg.

Sildenafil is usually stacked with testosterone, oxymetholone, trenbolone or other strong anabolic-androgenic steroids for the purpose of bodybuilding. Sildenafil maximizes the positive effects of the steroids and simultaneously it minimalizes the risk of impotence, which could be causes by some of the side effects of the steroids. Finally, it regenerates the natural endogenous production of testosterone.

Sildenafil might have very dangerous side effects. Heart arrhythmia and hypotension could be the most serious ones and by more sensible users they might even lead to heart attack. Digestion problems, long lasting erection or headache are not rare by the use of Sildenafil. The product can also cause problems with hearing.

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