What are Anti-Estrogens?

Anti-estrogens refer to substances that block the use and production of estrogens, and inhibit their overall effects. Sometimes, anti-estrogens can also promote invasive phenotypes in certain cells that don't have enough intercellular adhesion.

By definition, aromatase inhibitors may be seen as anti-estrogens, but they are more of a distinct class that can reduce estrogen production, but can't reduce the reaction and response to it.

The Anti-Estrogen Diet

When people consume more estrogen and more calories than needed, more fat cells tend to accumulate in the body. So, how does more estrogen get into the body to begin with? Well, there are two answers to this.

For starters, more estrogen can enter the body through a person's diet. There are actually quite a lot of foods out there that can produce estrogen, such as packaged foods and processed foods, animal flesh, and certain vegetables and fruits. Secondly, more estrogen can enter the body because of environmental influences like the use of shampoo, plastic, makeup, pesticides, and cleaners.

How do the extra calories come into the picture? Well, the body thinks that any type of food is needed if consumed, so it stores it in the fat cells until needed. Unfortunately, because of today's lifestyle, it is hardly ever needed, thus promoting the chance to become fatter.

In general, men tend to store body fat in their chest and stomachs, though this may depend on their genes, diet and lifestyle, as well. Women, on the other hand, tend to store body fat in their buttocks, hips, stomachs, thighs and arms.

Now, obviously, the best way to lose these extra calories would be through exercise. The more you move around, the more calories you will use. Fortunately, even the smallest changes in your lifestyle can help you lose more calories on a daily basis.

What should you do if you eat well and exercise, yet still have trouble losing stubborn fat and weight? Well, then, you might have to blame your metabolism or how your organs, blood and tissues work. You might have a problem with insulin resistance or a spike in insulin that stresses out your liver, for example.

If this is the case, then you will have to take supplements to make the most of their functions. Ideally, you should look for supplements that can help your adrenal and thyroid glands boost your metabolism and effectively burn more calories. Multi-vitamins with iron in them can also cleanse your tissues and blood, while certain supplements can get rid of extra estrogen in the body.