In a nutshell, a bulking cycle refers to a fitness and bodybuilding cycle wherein anabolic steroids are used to add bulks and size to the muscles of the body. There are various kinds of substances that can be used for this, all of which are different from one another. In general, these substances are also different from supplements that can cut muscles, recover torn muscles and increase the person's inner strength.

A bulking cycle is followed for a specific time span - usually a few weeks - and comes with a lifting cycle, which encourages bulking, too.

Bulk Up Muscle Mass

There is also another kind of bulking cycle out there, which is done inside a gym and without the use of anabolic steroids. This kind of bulking cycle is used by a lot of bodybuilders, weightlifters, training program followers, and fitness experts. This cycle is much more different compared to a leaning cycle, a maintaining cycle, and a cardio cycle, as well.

Sometimes, exercises can follow a certain bulking cycle for several weeks before following regular learning routines, workout routines, or muscle maintenance routines. Although these bulking cycles don't use any steroids, they usually include other things instead, like protein supplements, multivitamins, shakes, and various other caffeine-filled products.

In general, bulking cycles that are done in the gym are geared toward building up the torso, especially the back, biceps, triceps, chest and pectoral muscles, and shoulders. Sometimes, they include the legs and abdominals too. The bulking enters the scene with the kind of lifts and workouts used, and the cycles usually require working out for an hour a day at five days a week.

Instead of leaning the muscles and the body, the body will be bulked up with heavier weights and fewer repetitions. Although every exercise should be complete to failure, whether leaning or bulking, heavier weights need to be used during bulking cycles in order to fail after eight reps. This way, the person lifting the weights will be able to lift heavier ones and maintain a similar type of muscle-building program that is needed during regular fitness programs.


Naturally, bodybuilding plays a big part here, too. In a nutshell, bodybuilding refers to a kind of physical exercise that really changes the body through intensive muscle hypertrophy. Bodybuilders are usually very competitive and take part in professional bodybuilding competitions where they showcase their physiques and are judged based on their looks. To prepare for these competitions, bodybuilders go through a series of fat loss, dehydration, and even tanning appointments to make their muscles look more defined.

Several famous bodybuilders in today's day and age include Steve Reeves, Charles Atlas, Lou Ferrigno, Reg Park, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

It is quite common for today's bodybuilders to use steroids in bodybuilding like anabolic steroids to increase their muscle hypertrophy. These steroids can effectively increase the synthesis of fibers and proteins in the muscles, but may lead to unwanted steroid side effects, if the steroids used aren't trustworthy one