In this article, we will discuss the cutting of muscles often called cutting cycle, which means removing the undesired fat, which was gained during the previous bulking cycle. It also means an aim to maximally keep the gained muscle mass. Again, we do not force anybody to use our advice. If someone does it, it is his own decision.

It is necessary to say at the beginning, that a cutting cycle is a long-lasting and demanding process. It means that the bodybuilder goes through several phases during it, nothing is done all at once and it gets still harder. You will need a very strong will for a relatively long time. However, the results will come and you will be certainly satisfied with them. Nevertheless, it will not be easy. So, if you still want to try the cutting cycle and you are determined to get rid of the excessive kilograms, keep reading.

Achievable goals

It is important, to set a goal and a deadline, which are possible to achieve. Normally it means that the goal is to get on a concrete body weight until a concrete deadline. However, the difference between a „bulk“ and desired body weight can be different by every bodybuilder. However, do not set unrealistic goals. For men, it is ideal to lose 1 – 1,5 kg of fat in one week and for women, the ideal weekly loss is between 0,5 – 1 kg. It means that the more kilos you want to lose, the longer your cutting cycle will be. Your deadline can be a competition, holiday or any other day. Its purpose is to force you to achieve the set goals until the deadline.

So, the bulking cycle is over. Your body weight is extremely high, muscles are hidden under a layer of subcutaneous fat, your veins can be hardly seen and all your clothes is too small for you. It is the best time to begin with the cutting cycle…

Eating habits

At first, it is important to make little changes in eating habits. Divide your income of food according to exact time periods; it is no more possible to eat at random. We recommend you to divide it in 5 – 7 portions. Foods, which contain a higher amount of fat, cannot be eaten at all. It is the same in case of sweets or other foods containing simple saccharides. It is also necessary to restrict the income of fruit; it is possible to eat it only in the morning or shortly after trainings. Excluding some unhealthy and high caloric foods from your diet should result in loss of a part of body fat. We recommend you to get to know the weight of food that you consume, and get to know the amounts of proteins, fats and saccharides, which the food contains. You will get an exact knowledge, of how much calories you eat during the day and in the latter phases, you will know, what can be further restricted.

Aerobic exercises

A next important thing while losing weight is an aerobic activity. In the beginning, it is sufficient to make aerobic exercises after the training in a fitness centre. Later, however, it is necessary to make it not only after the training. It is the best way to make aerobic exercises in the morning with an empty stomach. We recommend you to make these exercises after training in the length of 10 minutes, to add 5 minutes every week, until its length is 30 minutes. If this is not enough, it is good to make aerobic exercises in the morning for 20 – 30 minutes. During days, when you are not in a fitness centre, it is good to make aerobic exercises for 40 – 60 minutes somewhen during the day. After the training of legs, we do not recommend to make aerobic exercises, however.

After some time, when the loss of fat gets slower, we recommend you to make „saccharide waves“ a part of the cycle. It means that the income of saccharides is different every day. According to us, it is the best way to begin with a day, when a high amount of saccharides is eaten, this is followed by a day with a middle amount of saccharides and in the last day, a low amount is eaten. These three days repeat. The income of proteins is not changed simultaneously. This system makes cutting the muscles faster, but it is very hard for the psyche. Some users do not eat more than 50 g of saccharides during the „low caloric“ days.

As the income of food is restricted, it is good to make products to prevent catabolism a part of the diet. Very popular products are glutamine, BCAA amoniacids or MCT oil.

As far as the products meant to help with losing weight, we recommend you to use clenbuterol and ECA stack (ephedrine, caffeine, acylpyrine), which are switched every three weeks. It is not good to use them simultaneously.

Best cutting steroids

Anabolic steroids, which are often used during cutting cycles, are testosterone propionate, stanozolol, oxandrolone and mesterolone. Sometimes, trenbolone acetate or boldenone undecylenate can be used. It is good to use rather the products, which do not lead to high water retention, so that you can see, how much fat you have lost so far.

Cutting cycle is nothing special

This is it, as far as the cutting cycle is concerned. The training should not be changed during the whole cycle. However, at the end, the number of sessions and repetitions can be increased. Nevertheless, this comes in the very last weeks (approximately 3). Before it, train normally, just like during the bulking cycle.  It is important to keep in mind, that in the cutting cycles, diet is the most important thing. If you get less energy, than you use, you lose weight. If you get more, you get on weight. This is the whole principle – it is nothing special.