Steroids are known to be strong proponents when it comes to strength and muscle mass, but there is much more to them, as well. A lot of the time, people talk about the negative effects of steroids, but how true are these claims, really?

In a nutshell, anabolic steroids are mere synthetic hormones based on natural testosterone. So, if you supplement with it, your body will not notice the difference between the synthetic version and the natural version. Why should you use anabolic steroids as supplements, though. Read on.

Positive effects of steroids

In general, there are two main reasons as to why you should use anabolic steroids: for performance enhancement and for therapeutic treatment.

Performance enhancement

When it comes to performance enhancement, there are 5 main positive steroid side effects, as follows:

1. Decreased Production of Glucocorticoid
Glucocorticoid is more commonly known as a stress hormone that promotes weight gain, fat storage, and muscle tissue destruction. Plus, if there is a lot of glucocorticoid in the body, people tend to have trouble losing weight overall.

2. Decreased Sex Hormone-Binding Globulin
Sex hormone-binding globulin, on the other hand, refers to a glycoprotein that is in charge of binding testosterone. By decreasing its amount in the body, your body can get more testosterone for free - which is a good thing!

3. Increased Bone-Mineral Content
With more bone-mineral content in your body, you can enjoy more skeletal strength and bone strength, as well as improved health and an improved performance.

4. Increased Collagen Synthesis
Most connective tissues are based on collagen. So, if the synthesis of collagen is increased, the rejuvenation and repair of connective tissues will be improved.

5. Increased Nutrient Efficiency
With increased nutrient efficiency, every nutrient will become more valuable, most of all the carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

Therapeutic Treatment

When it comes to therapeutic treatment, there are 5 potential positive effects for steroids, as well:

1. Treating Anemia
People who suffer from anemia do not produce enough red blood cells, which are important to carry oxygen through the blood. Fortunately, anabolic steroids can increase the count of red blood cells in the body and thus help treat anemia.

2. Treating Breast Cancer
Although anabolic steroids are not commonly used to treat breast cancer, it is used when extreme measures are necessary. This is because they have an anti-estrogenic effect that can be welcome in treating breast cancer.

3. Treating Burns
Burn victims usually suffer from decreased lean tissue. Since anabolic steroids can promote the increase of lean tissue, they can prove to be fairly beneficial in treating burns.

4. Speeding Up Puberty
It is not a secret that children should not supplement their bodies with anabolic androgenic steroids. After all, they could irreversibly damage their androgen system this way. However, when it comes to children who are not producing enough androgens and are suffering from delayed puberty because of it, they could fix the problem with ease.

5. Increasing Testosterone Levels
This is probably the most common benefit for anabolic steroids in the world of therapeutic treatment and the one that men all over the world are most grateful for. Men who have low testosterone levels tend to suffer on a mental, physical and sexual level, so correcting these levels can help improve their confidence overall.