In the world of sports, especially bodybuilding, fat is one of the most dreaded words. There isn’t a single bodybuilder that doesn’t want to get rid of body fat. Unfortunately, getting rid of body fat is easier said than done. The safest and most natural way of getting rid of fat is to spend hours at the gym everyday performing intense workouts. It is definitely extremely hard work to get rid of fat, thus most professional and amateur bodybuilders have to resort to using fat burners, and they’re already working out very hard to gain muscle mass.

Before we go to explain what fat burners are and how they work, it is essential to note that these substances can only help to burn fat easier. In other words, these work best if combined with intense workouts and the proper diet. On their own, they won’t do much to burn fat.

Thermogenic fat burners

The most common fat burners belong to the thermogenic groups. Thermogenic fat burners increase the body’s metabolism to build heat that will burn fat. The most common thermogenic fat burner is the ECA stack. ECA stands for Ephidrine Caffeine Aspirin. However, these days, Aspirin is not commonly used.

Ephedrine, a compound that is closely related to the banned substance Ephedra, works by increasing the heart rate. Ephedra worked in a much similar manner, but it was too effective. Over a hundred deaths were reported caused by the use of this drug, thus it was banned from being included in food supplements.

Ephedrine has not been banned but its use is strictly regulated and can only be purchased with a medical prescription and up to a certain quantity only.

Ephedrine and Caffeine stacks are potentially dangerous if not used properly. Some people, especially those with high blood pressure, should not use these as they increase heart rate to increase metabolism and burn fat. Though effective as a fat burner, they could be fatal for those with high blood pressure.

Fat burners in bodybuilding

Bodybuilders use fat burners as Clenbuterol for example to help them burn fat quickly. There are ties when bodybuilders need to give their bodies a rest to let it recover from the strenuous workouts. It is during these times that a bodybuilder will usually gain some fat. After the period of rest a bodybuilder will need to train hard and take fat burners to quickly get rid of fat.

Not all fat burners are safe for humans. There are some like Clenbuterol that were specifically made for horses that have breathing problems. This fat burner increases the heart rate and also opens up the air ways to help them breath normally.

However, Clenbuterol is also popular in the world of bodybuilding since it has the ability to turn fat into muscle. Its use in humans needs to be strictly monitored as the substance was made for beings that were much larger. Well built bodybuilders may be able to cope with the dosage, but for normal people who are just aiming for a smaller waistline, this drug could be fatal.

If you have to use fat burners, make sure that you fully understand what a particular type contains before you use it.