HGH (Human Growth Hormone), AKA somatotropin, is a synthetic replacement of the human growth hormone, which is produced in pituitary gland. Its primary use in medicine is the treatment of nanism (dwarf people), it is also used for treating severe fractures.

Use of HGH in medicine

In the human body, HGH is produced by an increased energy output, stress or a low level of sugar. The highest amount of growth hormone is present in childhood and adolescence. The growth hormone does not act alone, but together with other growth factors, Till the 80s, HGH for medical purposes was gained from pituitary glands of dead bodies. After that, it was revealed, that it can lead to severe health complications. From this reason, almost all the HGH, that is available today, is produced synthetically.

HGH in bodybuilding

Its use in the area of bodybuilding is not completely clear. Its lovers claim, that it is a perfect alternative to classic anabolic-androgenic steroids. According to them, HGH provides both growth of muscle mass and gain on strength of the new muscles. Its opponents, on the other side, claim, that HGH has no effects at all on increasing sport performance.

Effects of human growth hormone

HGH is said to have extremely strong anabolic effects, causing both enlarging the muscle cells and increasing their amount. This is said to be unreachable by any classic anabolic-androgenic steroids. What is more, it considerably reduces the fat tissue. Athletes, who use HGH simultaneously with steroids meant to provide gain on strength, appreciate its ability to strengthen tendons, cartilages and bones. A huge advantage is the fact that after the end of use, the gained muscle mass and strength does not disappear.

Certainly, HGH is one of the most expensive products available. Considering the fact, that it is almost unrevealable on doping controls, it is widely abused in a lot of sports.

Growth hormones side effects

The use of HGH has very specific side effects, which are no less dangerous than the ones present by the use of classic anabolic-androgenic steroids. Amongst them there can be hyperglycemia (increased level of sugar), reduced function of the thyroid gland, and enlargement of heart and inner organs or gigantism. It last time, there has been thoughts that the use of HGH can contribute to the appearance of leukaemia. What is more, HGH is not used alone, but in combination with classic anabolic-androgenic steroids. Their side effects can cumulate from this reason.

HGH dosage

The daily dose by men should not be higher than six international units. HGH has to be used every day, because its half-life in the body is very short. The effects can be seen, if the period of use is not lower than six weeks.

HGH is administrated per injection and it is available in ampoules. If you are about to buy HGH you should consider our Genotropin from Sweden.