Jay Cutler’s life almost runs parallel to that of his closest rival Ronnie Coleman. Like the latter, Jason Isaac Cutler came from a small town known as Sterling in Worcester County, Massachusetts, on August 3, 1973. He six siblings, and his parents worked regular jobs: his dad a highway department superintendent and his mom a finance officer.

At age 11, he started working in a construction business set up by his brother called Cutler Bros Concrete. Despite his young age, he showed some interest in lifting and training, which further enhanced his somewhat-big frame. In high school, he enrolled in Wachusett Regional High School where he joined the football team. He then took up a criminal justice associate degree in Quinsigamond Community College because he actually wanted to work in a maximum security prison. But like Coleman, he didn’t get the job he wanted but instead went on to become one of the best bodybuilders today.

The Start of the Bodybuilding Journey

While his wife, Kerry, was still finishing her nursing degree, Cutler took some jobs and met a man named Bruce Vartanian. He was a successful business owner and bodybuilder who later became his mentor for both. He also improved his bodybuilding training by eating the right kind of food and following the diet teachings of Chris Aniceto. After winning the 1996 Nationals, he moved up to become pro and joined Joe Weider’s stable.


He’s definitely following the footsteps of Ronnie Coleman. He has already won 4 Olympia titles since 2006. His first winning was in 1993 in NPC Iron Bodies Invitational. He also bagged NPC Teen Nationals honor for the middleweight division on the same year. Like Coleman, he competed in the Arnold Classic for the years 2002, 2003, and 2004 and took home the title every time.

Steroid Use

Jay Cutler’s sterling career was slightly marred when in 2001 his test came back positive for diuretics. Diuretics are known to speed up loss of weight by removing excess water in the body. However, when not controlled properly, they also lead to dehydration. Fortunately, he was able to defend his case well and retained his title before the investigation.

Cutler is also accused of using steroids to build his muscles and to improve his performance and stamina by increasing blood flow and red blood cell volume. Up to the present time, he is not talking too much about the issue, though some claim that he admitted to it in a deleted scene of Bigger Stronger Faster.

Other Information

When he’s preparing for a competition, he normally trains for at least 4 hours each day. When he’s not professionally training, he normally shares his expertise and experience in several Gold’s Gym branches in Las Vegas, where he lives with his wife. He loves to eat steak, is involved in other kinds of sports, and is currently in partnership with ISS Research and Flex Equipment for one year. Further, he’s appeared in videos such as A Cut Above, From Jay to Z, My House, and King 2011.