Some people are easily encouraged to use steroids and this is very understandable. To some people, having an impressive physique is one of their priorities and steroids are a means for them to attain the physique that they long for. To some, it is not a question of whether or not they will use steroids, but rather what type of steroids would fit them the most.

Effectiveness of both forms

The two most common forms of steroids are oral and injectable.  Both forms are highly effective and will produce the same results, but there are advantages and disadvantages to their use.

In terms of effectiveness, the main difference between these two forms is the length of time that they will stay in the body. Injectables, whether oil-based or water-based have a longer half-life than oral forms.

Question of health

In terms of safety, neither form really has an advantage over the other. Injectables do not have to go through the digestive system and will likely cause less damage to the liver. However, these do stay in the body much longer thus making the body more prone to negative side effects.

Detection times

For those who are worried about steroid screening tests, then it would be better not to take steroids at all. Oral steroids have a shorter half-life, but there is no guarantee that these will not come out in screening tests. They do in fact have lesser chances of being screened, but it is not guaranteed that they will not be found especially nowadays when screening tests have become much more efficient.

Steroid cycles and different forms

Prolonged use of steroids, whether oral or injectable, is not recommended. Steroids are commonly used in cycles to lower the risk of side effects. However, the risks are still present and anybody taking steroids can be affected.

One of the reasons why steroids are taken in cycles is to give the chance for the body to normalize production of testosterone. During its use, steroids stop the normal production of testosterone and the body needs some time without steroids so that it can resume production.

Unwanted side effects

Will the benefits of using steroids outweigh the risks? Some people claim that if steroids are used properly and in right quantities, much of the risk is lessened. However, in reality, the negative side effects of steroids will always be present no matter how you use them.

This is one of the reasons why steroids should only be used under medical supervision. Even doctors need to inform their patients if they intend to use steroids as a part of the treatment. Patients have the right to refuse this form of treatment if they do not want to take the risks of the side effects.

The biggest decision you should face before using steroids is whether or not to use them at all. With determination, the right amount of exercise and proper diet, an impressive physique can be achieved. Steroids only help in achieving your goals faster, but in the end, your body may have a price to pay. Whether you intend to use oral or injectable steroids, take a moment to consider the negative effects it can have on your body and if you’re willing to pay the price.