Orlistat is a substance meant for reducing fat tissue and decreasing body weight. Nevertheless, it does not suppress the appetite by any means.

Orlistat and weight loss plan

Orlistat acts as an inhibitor of gastrointestinal lipases (enzymes that decompose fat). Thus it suppresses the function of these lipases and causes that consumed fats cannot be decomposed and absorbed by the organism in a right way. For this reason, the body is not able to use the fats as a source of energy and convert them into fat tissue. 30 % of them go through the intestine in an unchanged state and leave the body together with stools. Body weight reduction is the result.

It is important to know, that the sign of a right function of orlistat is red coloured stools. In this case, this is not a sign of a disease, but the proof, that the product acts in a right way and that fats leave the body.

Orlistat side effects

The only known side effect of the use of orlistat is a relatively high probability of diarrhoea, when food with a high amount of fat is consumed. There are no reports of any more serious dangers.

Orlistat dosage

Orlistat is used in a relatively high amount – 360 mg in one day. It is administrated orally. It is a part of the product Orlimax, which is available in the form of capsules with 120 mg of the active substance. One capsule three times a day is used, right after a meal.