Oxymetholone is an anabolic-androgenic steroid, which is used in medicine for treating anemia (blood coagulation disorder).

In the area of bodybuilding, it belongs to the strongest and most effective anabolic-androgenic steroids. It is able to provide huge gains on strength and bulk within very short time (by steroid beginners, the gain of almost 15 kg of new mass within 6 weeks is common). Oxymetholone has a strong tendency to retain water in the body, for this reason, the muscle mass, which is gained thanks to its use, is from majority made by water. For this reason, the muscles are not cut at all.

Oxymetholone in bodybuilding

In bodybuilding, it is mostly used during bulking cycles, where it leads to massive gains on strength and muscle mass. Its pump effect is said to be incomparable with any other anabolic-androgenic steroids.

However, the disadvantage of oxymetholone is the big amount of retained water in the body and the fact that the gained muscles are of low quality. According to experienced users, it can be improved by nutrition discipline and by the simultaneous use of products with antiestrogenic active substances, for example tamoxifene citrate or mesterolone. Some bodybuilders use oxymetholone even in contest preparation. In these cases, the problems with the water retention have to be solved by the simultaneous use of diuretics, which cause elimination of the water from the body. After the end of the steroid cycle, most of the gained muscles disappear, if the cycle does not end with application of clomiphene citrate, HCG or similar substances.

Oxymetholone side effects

Oxymetholone has probably the highest number of side effects from all anabolic-androgenic steroids. They can be very serious and even fatal. They appear above all when high doses are administrated or when the substance is used for a long time. Oxymetholone is highly toxic for the liver and its use can be a cause of cancer of this organ. What is more, oxymetholone has a strong tendency to aromatize into estrogen, which causes Gynecomastia besides the already mentioned water retention. The use of the product also leads to hypertension. Because of the strong androgenic effects, acne, loss of hair or increased aggression appears. Oxymetholone also strongly decreases the natural production of testosterone, for this reason, HCG should certainly be a part of the end of the steroid cycle.

Oxymetholone recommended dosage

Although the instruction leaflet mentions a dosage of 1-5 mg for every kg of body weight in one day, it is a too high dose. For athletes, the daily intake of 50 – 100 mg is usually sufficient. Because of the high toxicity of oxymetholone, do not use the product for more than 4 – 5 weeks. Women should completely avoid using oxymetholone because of the fact, that the strong androgenic effects have a strong tendency to cause virilisation.

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