If only things happened the way Ronnie Coleman wanted them, he would not have been one of the most successful and well-known bodybuilders of modern times.

Born Ronnie Dean Coleman, Big Ron was raised by a small family composed of a few siblings and a mother in a Louisiana town called Bastrop. His birthday was May 13, 1964. Ever since he was a child, he was already huge, which made him a perfect addition to the football team, playing as a middle linebacker for Grambling State University Tigers. He was also juggling a few jobs to contribute something to the family. Yet despite his work, school, and sports, he completed his bachelor’s degree in accounting with a cum laude distinction.

Move to Texas

Perhaps in order to find better job opportunities, he uprooted himself from Louisiana to Texas, especially in Dallas. But work was very elusive, and he received countless rejections. Desperate for work, he eventually landed a gig in Domino’s Pizza, which he disliked. So when the Arlington police department posted an ad in a newspaper, he immediately applied and grabbed the spot. He then started enjoying many benefits.

Ron was always fond of lifting, a practice he continued when he was in Arlington police department. This captured the attention of his colleagues who suggested that he visit Metroflex Gym owned by Brian Dobson. The owner immediately saw some promise and offered him a lifetime membership as long as he agreed to be Dobson’s training partner and compete.

Titles He Gained

He grabbed his first title, Mr. Texas, in 1990. The year after, he won the World Amateur Championships for the heavyweight division. But the road to becoming pro was not that easy, and he experienced a number of losses until 1995 when he took home the Canada Pro Cup, which he also won the following year. In 1997, he was already no. 1 in Grand Prix Russia and bagged 1998 Night of Champions.

The ultimate goal, however, was to be Mr. Olympia, which is the Ms. Universe equivalent in bodybuilding. Coveting the title means the winner has the most perfect built or form. It did not happen until 1998. So far, Coleman has won 8 Mr. Olympia titles. His staunchest rival is Jay Cutler, who himself has won 4 Mr. Olympia championships. Coleman also almost lost to Cutler in 2001.
He’s the most awarded International Federation of Bodybuilders (IFBB) member.

Steroid Use Allegations

Like a lot of other bodybuilders, many are speculating that Coleman also uses steroids in order to beef up muscles and increase red blood cell count, which improves strength and endurance. Coleman has denied the allegations, though in one forum, a man claimed that he admitted to such during his interview with Muscular Development for its May issue.


Coleman is currently married with 5 children, 3 from his other relationship. He also busies himself shooting instructional videos such as The Cost of Redemption and The Unbelievable. He is an active product endorser and is a frequent guest in launches of gyms.