Sibutramine is in its primary use a medicament used for treating obesity. Thanks to its ability to cause the feeling of fullness it is used in the area of bodybuilding, as well, in order to lose weight. The use of sibutramine is usually connected with a low caloric diet.

How does sibutramine work

Sibutramine acts in brain in the area, where hunger is regulated. It blocks neurotransmitters serotonin, dopamine a norepinephrine, which causes, that the body does not feel hunger and the user has the feeling if being full. Thus he has no need to consume new calories. The users of sibutramine can achieve loss of weight of 5 – 10 %. What is more, another advantage, that sibutramine regulates the level of blood lipids, for example cholesterol.

Sibutramine side effects

However, the use of sibutramine can lead to serious side effects, above all if it is not consulted with a doctor. Amongst them, there can be hypertension, faster and irregular heart beat (palpitation), which can lead to heart attack in extreme cases. Digestion troubles or problems with kidneys can appear, as well. Amongst the less serious effects, which are more common, are sleeping disorders, constipation, nausea or headache.

The use of sibutramine should be completely avoided by people with tendency to heart problems. Especially in their cases, the use of sibutramine could have really fatal consequences.

Sibutramine dosage and recommended products

The daily intake of sibutramine should not be higher than 10 mg. The product is used orally; it is available in the form of tablets. It is a part of the following products: Slim Trim, Reduce - 15 mg, Sibutramine Tablets.