Sildenafil citrate is known in the world above all under the legendary names Viagra or Kamagra. At first, it was developed to decrease high blood pressure, later its ability to treat problems with erection were revealed.

How does Sildenafil citrate work

However, sildenafil citrate is used thanks to its mechanism of action in the area of bodybuilding, as well, in order to improve the performance of athletes. Nitric oxide is a part of the substance, which acts by biochemical processes directly in muscles, where it leads to easier flow of blood through vessels. Thus it facilitates the blood flow. It acts on the same principle in the penis, which is more filled with blood thanks to sildenafil citrate.

In the area of bodybuilding, sildenafil citrate is mostly used with classic anabolic-androgenic steroids. Thanks to the fact, that it facilitates the flow of blood in the body, it makes the way of steroids into muscles easier and faster.

For this reason, sildenafil citrate decreases the blood pressure, because the heart is not forced to „pump“ with such a strain. What is more, the users of anabolic-androgenic steroids will certainly appreciate the ability of sildenafil citrate to solve problems with potential impotency, whose initial phase can be caused by using testosterone in order to achieve growth of muscles and gain on strength.

Sildenafil side effects

Amongst the side effects of the use of sildenafil citrate can be headache, digestion problems or red face. In rare cases, even serious side effects can appear – for example extremely low blood pressure, heart arrhythmia, loss of hearing or even heart attack. Long lasting erection can be unpleasant, as well.

Sildenafil citrate dosage

For treating problems with erection, it is recommended to use a dose from 25 to maximally 100 mg half an hour prior to the sexual intercourse.

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