Tamoxifen citrate is an agent, which is used in medicine for treating breast cancer by women after menopause. It has antiestrogenic action, for this reason, it is often used in the area of bodybuilding, as well.

Tamoxifen citrate used in PCT

Tamoxifen citrate is used with classic anabolic-androgenic steroids on testosterone base, which aromatize in the body into estrogen – female sex hormone. It leads by men to very serious side effects, for example excessive water retention, Gynecomastia or saving of fats in the area of hips. Tamoxifen citrate does not act against aromatization, but it prevents its effects by blocking estrogenic receptors. Thus it disables the estrogen to connect with the receptor. However, there is a possibility that the estrogenic effects could appear after the end of use of tamoxifen. For this reason, tamoxifen citrate is often used with mesterolone, which has antiestrogenic effects, as well.

Classic anabolic-androgenic steroids often decrease the natural production of testosterone, too. Tamoxifen citrate partly reduces these side effects and increases the production of the male hormone. The substance has positive effects on the level of testosterone in the body, as well.

Tamoxifen side effects

Unfortunately, tamoxifen citrate does not have the same effects by all users. There have been cases, when it led to a rapid growth of the estrogen level in the body. However, they were caused by a big concentration of various anabolic-androgenic steroids in the body, whose combination completely broke the basic biochemical processes. Another disadvantage of tamoxifen citrate is the fact, that it can strongly reduce the anabolic effect (growth of muscle mass) of some steroids with weak androgenic effects.

If high doses of the substance are not taken, there are usually no serious side effects connected with the use of tamoxifen citrate. In case of intake of an excessive amount, digestion problems, vomiting or nausea can appear. The most dangerous is the possibility of strong sight disorders.

Tamoxifen citrate dosage

Tamoxifen citrate should be used at the end of the steroid cycle. For men, the average dose is in the range from 10 to 30 mg in one day. By women, the dose is much lower because of the strong influence of the substance on estrogen, which is the most important female sex hormone.

Tamoxifen citrate is used orally, it is available in tablets. It is a part of the following products: Tamoxifen Citrate Tablets and Nolvadex.