Levothyroxine also known as thyroxine or just T4 is a synthetic equivalent to the hormone of the pituitary gland L-thyroxin. Its effects are completely the same. For medical purposes it is used in the treatment of a hypo function (decreased function) of the pituitary gland, Struma (goitre) or thyroid gland cancer.

In the area of bodybuilding, levothyroxine is used for its ability to make faster the metabolism of fats and calories, thanks to which the user can effectively burn off fats even if he is not restricted on the intake of calories. That is more, the substance provides the user now energy. Levothyroxine has similar effects as cytomel T3, but they are considerably lower.

Levothyroxine has the most effective results in a combination with HGH (growth hormone). Simultaneously to the growth of popularity of HGH in bodybuilding, also the interest in levothyroxine increases. The substance has a great anabolic effect (growth of muscle mass) in combination with clenbuterol hydrochloride.

Levothyroxine side effects

The use of levothyroxine is connected with the risk of more or less serious side effects. Osteoporosis, loss of weight, heart arrhythmia, tremble, sleeping disorders, thermoregulation problems or disquiet can appear. In rare cases, there is also a possibility of allergic reactions on the substance. If this happens, it is necessary to seek a medical help immediately. By overdosing, there can be a fatal heart failure or coma.

Levothyroxine dosage

The used dose is in average around 200 MICROGRAMS in one day. The used amount should at the beginning be lower and it should be increased gradually on the mentioned level. Several hours after the administration of levothyroxine, the user should not consume calcium, iron and soya. The maximal time, for which is possible to use levothyroxine, is five weeks.

Levothyroxine is administrated orally. It is available in tablet form. You can buy thyroxine T4 only in mixture with cytomel T3 called T3 and T4.